Do We Really Need Car Dealers

Do We Really Need Car Dealers?

The digital revolution has been changing the way we do business for years. This includes the way we buy used cars. Nowadays, you can find used cars anywhere in the United States on hundreds of websites. So, do we still need brick and mortar dealerships? Why can’t we just buy all the cars online and wait for them to get shipped to us? It would definitely be cheaper.

The truth is that no matter how much technology evolves, a brick and mortar cars dealership will still be useful. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a car online. It just means that for many people, purchasing a pre-owned car from the Internet is not an acceptable option.

Why Don’t We All Buy Online?

At first glance, it appears that buying cars online may be the best option for most people. After all, used car ads feature dozens of photos and in-depth information. Many of these ads even list the vehicle history and maintenance history. It would be easy to just look at the photos and order the car you want. You could even negotiate with the seller using instant messaging or email. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as this.

The problem with used cars is their price. It’s not like buying a smartphone for $500. Many people are willing to spend more than $20,000 on a pre-owned car with low mileage. Taking into consideration the amount of money involved, it is only normal for people to want to see the product with their own eyes before paying for it. Of course, people also want a test drive to make sure the vehicle is really as advertised.

Another problem with online sales is fraud. Remember, people get scammed in face-to-face transactions. Obviously, it’s much easier for someone to scam you out of your money online. Even if you do receive the car, it may not be the trim you ordered or it may be faulty.

Advantages of a Brick and Mortar Cars Dealership

Considering the risks involved with buying a used car on the Internet, you probably already realize the advantages of a brick and mortar cars dealership. Truth be told, most people prefer to see the car with their own eyes. And yes, they appreciate being able to talk to a car dealer in person. Even if you don’t like to bargain, you still feel the need to make sure the product is real. You want somebody to show you what you are paying for.

A car dealership is also much safer to do business with. In most cases, dealerships inspect each vehicle before it is being listed for sale. Many of the vehicles are also serviced. Also, many dealerships avoid buying used cars from people who can’t offer any details about the vehicle’s history. Remember that a used cars dealership will be there if you need any help right away. In case you’re buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and you have any problems with it, getting help ASAP is very important.

Our Honest Opinion

We agree that buying a used car online has some benefits. It’s faster and easier than buying from a brick and mortar dealership. Also, you get a lot more options to choose from. And yes, we agree that there are websites that are trustworthy and reliable. However, many other websites allow anyone to post a listing. You are basically dealing with a stranger over the Internet.

Nowadays, scams can be very elaborate. You may not even notice that you are falling victim to a scam. For example, the “seller” may ask you politely to make an advance payment so he can send the car to you. Even if it’s just $1,000, you shouldn’t pay in advance for a product on the Internet. You have no guarantee that the seller will really send you the pre-owned vehicle.

In a brick and mortar cars dealership, you get to see the car in person. You can take it for a test drive. You can discuss the price directly with the salesperson. In case you need any help after the sale is concluded, you can just visit the dealership. Even though the price may be higher than the price of a car you would buy online, we still believe that vehicles sold by brick and mortar dealerships are less risky to buy. Furthermore, keep in mind that you get a warranty if you buy a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from a dealership.